General Statement

Windowflowers Limited wholly accepts the aims and provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  It recognises that one of its foremost duties and responsibilities to its employees is the need to provide a safe and healthy workplace and working environment.  Furthermore, it shall endeavour to extend this health and safety environment to visitors, contractors and members of the public through its activities.

The Company considers that Management should share this responsibility through the policy laid down.  The Company also considers that all employees have an individual responsibility for ensuring strict adherence to all Company safety rules and regulations and that they must co-operate with Management in maintaining good standards of health and safety.  By appointment of a Health and Safety Committee, the Company shall ensure that matters concerning safe working practises of the organisation as well as the dissemination of up to date health and safety information is achieved.


Mr M E Watson-Smyth, Managing Director of Windowflowers Limited, has ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy.

Mr A Long, Nursery Manager, has responsibility for the implementation of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy upon the Nursery.  Mr Oliver Gradden, Company Health and Safety Officer, is appointed to aid the Company in its responsibilities.  Mr J H Lodge, General Manager and Ms J Grant, Health & Safety Co-ordinator will assist the Health and Safety Officer in implementing the Company’s Health and Safety Policy at all levels of organisation and all employees should assist them in this duty.

Accident Prevention

The Company will take all steps, so far as is reasonably practicable, within its power to meet its responsibility, paying particular attention to the following:-

  1. Provide any equipment which has been carefully selected for the task ensuring suitable training is provided for its use, safe systems of work followed and on-going maintenance of all equipment including keeping maintenance schedules.
  2. Provision of all necessary safety devices, such as harnesses and personal protective equipment including overalls, goggles, respirators, ear defenders, gloves and hard hats where necessary with proper training for their use.  N.B.  Personal protective equipment shall always be considered a last resort, not as an alternative to safe systems of work.
  3. Proper arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances, especially those of a hazardous nature e.g. herbicides and pesticides, conforming with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (CoSHH) as well as any Codes of Practice and manufacturers’ or suppliers’ information. The Nursery Manager shall be responsible for the supply, storage.
  4. Disposal of any hazardous substances with the assistance from the Company Health and Safety Officers in maintaining up to date schedules and assessments, where necessary, of the safe use of such substances.  This will include ensuring employees handling any such chemicals have undertaken acceptable training and obtained a certificate under the National Proficiency Test Council.
  5. Provision of a safe and healthy place to work and access to it ensuring adequate lighting and welfare facilities such as toilets, washroom and common room facilities.  The responsibilities for these facilities are that of the Management although all employees have an individual responsibility for ensuring they remain within Company health and safety guidelines.
  6. Ensure where possible, suitable information is provided for safe systems of work.  Management will ensure that assessments are carried out on work processes in line with health and safety legislation and regularly review safe working methods.  It is the aim of such assessments to identify hazards within working practices of the organisation so that action can be taken to eliminate, reduce or control them before accidents occur that cause injury or damage.
  7. Regular reviews of working practices or health and safety issues within working environment, by Health and Safety Committee meetings.  Safe practices should be observed by employees.  Common hazards include:

    i.       Ladders working at height – using a ladder without assistance of a second person to secure base (in-house training undertaken covering types, use, storage and transportation of ladders).  It is the responsibility of the appointed Health and Safety Representative/Officer to ensure that new equipment is carefully selected for the tasks required, regular inspections are undertaken and up to date service records are kept.

    ii.       Incorrect lifting or movement of heavy articles – an employee should seek assistance if an article is too heavy for him/her.  The Company will undertake where possible basic manual handling techniques and provide adequate information on safe methods of works conforming with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.

    iii.       Standing or resting on insecure objects.  It shall be the responsibility of the Nursery Manager to ensure that Nursery premises are kept to a safe and healthy standard.  All working areas within the Company shall be assessed to ensure that potential hazards are identified i.e. vehicular access, electricity, gas, machinery, storage areas etc and where possible risks arise control measures introduced to alleviate or reduce such risks likely to cause damage or injury.

    iv.       Smoking or eating in restricted areas – the Company will endeavour to provide adequate welfare facilities to accommodate employees.  Strict guidelines must be enforced by the Company Management regarding smoking/eating on Nursery premises.

    v.       Incorrect use of hazardous materials without personal protective equipment.  Only certified employees to undertake use of hazardous substance within CoSHH guidelines and without prior permission from the Company Director or Nursery Manager.  Company Health and Safety Officers must carry out and review any necessary assessments of the supply and use of personal protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles, ear defenders and overalls conforming with Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.


Accident Investigation

Any member of staff involved in an accident must ensure it is recorded in the Company Accident Book maintained by the Company Health and Safety Officer.   Company Management and its employees must ensure that any potential hazard is identified, documented and control measures introduced to prevent accidents from occurring.  Should any accident occur it is the responsibility of the Company Health  and Safety Officer to fully investigate and document the event for Company records and to prevent recurrence.  Management will ensure that any accident that requires reporting under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2012 is actioned as soon as possible.

First Aid Arrangements

The premises are equipped with four first aid boxes – one located in the Greenhouse at the Boiler House end, one located in the kitchen area of the Offices, one located in the Staff Rest Room and one in the floristry department.  Additionally individual first aid boxes are issued to offsite employees.  All issue records are kept up to date by Health and Safety Officers ensuring routine checks are carried out on first aid equipment.

Emergency Procedure

In the event of an emergency, the alarm should be raised immediately, and all staff and visitors alerted in the vicinity.  If evacuation is necessary, it shall be the responsibility of the Company Health and Safety Officers to ensure all staff proceed to the  Assembly Point at the Main Gate immediately.  Once evacuation has occurred all staff are to register with Health and Safety Officers and await emergency assistance.

Personal Liabilities of Employees

It is the duty of every employee to take every reasonable care for the health and safety of himself (or herself) and other persons who may be affected by his (or her) acts or omissions at work.  It is also the duty of all employees to co-operate with their employer in achieving compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Review of Policy

There will be regular reviews and discussions as to the effectiveness of this Policy.  The Company Health and Safety Officers shall be responsible for ensuring that all information relating to the laws and legislation of health and safety in the work place is current and up to date.  This should be achieved through Health and Safety Executive publications and other recognised publications as well as specialist consultancy agencies.  Any weakness or omission revealed will be referred to the Company Health and Safety Officers for attention.  This Policy and any revision will be brought to the attention of all employees, displayed prominently on the Staff Notice Board and issued to all new employees.  Employees should be encouraged to report any potential hazards within the organisation’s activities.

Scope of Policy

This Policy Statement will apply to all persons working within Windowflowers Limited, whether or not they are contractually employed by the Company and also to members of the public visiting the premises.

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